Thank you for this post Greg.

Amazon’s three core customer values (according to Bezos) are: “low prices, fast delivery, and vast selection.” If Amazon is laser focused on these three values, sustainability has no place.

In the long run low prices, fast delivery, and vast selection are worthless if we do nothing to protect our health and environment.

I’m curious though — has Amazon misunderstood the customer or are these three values what the world really cares about more than anything else?

I don’t think the enemy is customer-centric design. In my opinion, the way that businesses engage in finding out what their customers care about is fundamentally flawed.

Does the product researcher at Amazon talking to a customer about buying preferences ask that customer what they think about delivery emissions? Highly unlikely. Should that researcher? Absolutely.

I may be optimistic but I think (and hope) people do care about the environment and their health over all else. We just aren’t having the right conversations with customers.

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