The Emperor in the Desert: Viasonata Meditation #3

Adam Cockell
4 min readFeb 29, 2024


In this continuation of VS Mediations, I will show you the mystical power of (short) creative storytelling. TLDR it is a mirror for your life, and a fun path to becoming more intuitive.

Here is a story I told about the following 3 images:

Once upon a time there was a magical emperor that came out at night to basically compose the way that he wanted society to work, and he would come out at night and get onto a large staircase and basically start to visualize what he wants the people of his land, his town to do and say. And so he stands there with his wand and visualizes how he wants everything to work in the world to make it as good as it could be.

And the magical emperor created a world that was surrounded by arid desert and sand and snakes and he created this beautiful palace made out of incredible stone with amazing architecture and carriages and all sorts of gold and jewels, but he also found himself in this place with sand that was very arid with lots of snakes around and the people of the land were very confused as to why the emperor did this.

And finally the man decided that he had not been complete and so he imagined that he had this beautiful empress by his side that would help him govern and make better decisions and so he brought this into life and suddenly the sand turned into a beautiful beach around a seascape with incredible villas and beautiful birds and there were lots of skulls surrounding the area but this empress was able to bring balance into the world that he had created.

Here’s what happens when I re-write the story in the first person:

Once upon a time, I was a magical emperor that came out at night to compose the way I wanted society to work. At the time, I believed that I could create a perfect world through my visions. But ultimately, I realized that I needed balance and guidance to truly make a difference.

This story fascinates me, in that it emphasizes the power of imagination in solving problems. Whenever I feel stuck, I tend to wait until inspiration strikes me again to move forward. And this feels organic. But this story presents a compelling case for working with the imagination to solve problems. Ultimately it shows that there is little difference between what we call real and imaginary.

But it also points to ways to use the imagination to create balance and collaboration. Right now, as I launch Viasonata, I am very interested in having a supportive community to collaborate with, and yet, I don’t feel as if I’ve done enough development there right now, as least in the physical sense. This suggests that I can create collaboration through my imagination, which to be honest I had never tried before. Maybe as a 7-year-old. Or during my Shamanic training, calling upon help from Otorongo, the earth, etc. But I have yet to create that community that I seek now in a non-physical way.

As powerful as reflection is, here’s what comes through me when I go into a meditative state and free flow write about the story:

Dear magical emperor, you have tapped into the art of creation. You are now one with us. And with all around you. You have transcended the boundaries of the body, space, and time. You are here to wield that power for good in the world. You understand this. But you must understand that your imagination is what you create. You must understand that everything you imagine is everything that you create. So you must be careful with your imagination, at all times. For this is great responsibility. And you must not abuse it. If you are to be one with this you must accept the responsibility. If you are not, it will not be yours. So consider what world you create. The world will never be perfect within the boundaries of the body. So your focus should be on helping people see beyond the body. When we see beyond the body there is no thing that separates us. And when you see beyond the body, others will see beyond the body. That is not to say that you cannot indulge, but do not become indulgence.

Thanks for taking the time to be with me, and I hope to see you on Viasonata!



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