The Magician’s Departure: Viasonata Meditation #5

Adam Cockell
3 min readMar 3, 2024


In this continuation of VS Mediations, I will show you the mystical power of (short) creative storytelling. TLDR it is a mirror for your life, and a fun path to becoming more intuitive.

Here is a story I told about the following 3 images:

Once upon a time there was a group of talented magicians and wizards and witches that decided that they were fed up with society and so they left the kingdom that they were living in one night and decided to take everything that they had with them including the moon and the dragon and the cheetahs and different equipment that they had from the empire and they crossed a bridge and left.

As time went on the leader of the group decided that they needed to be more than a group of travelers in the physical plane, they needed to elevate their traveling and so she used a magical eyeball with all of these powers and she grew it to about the size of a large head and she used it to basically bring the heavens down to the earth and as she did that a very powerful storm started brewing in the ocean.

And finally the group of travelers arrived at this place that was incredible and out of this world yet also a part of this world. It was full of beautiful trees and planets and stars that they had never seen. The sun was always out and shining and they basked in the glory of this new environment forever.

Here’s what happens when I re-write the story in the first person:

Once upon a time, I was a talented magician that decided to leave the kingdom I was living in one night. At the time, I believed that I was limited by societal constraints and needed to break free. But ultimately, I discovered a new world beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m on the cusp of something big. A huge transition. I can feel it in my body. But more importantly I can feel it outside of that. It’s funny because I have not changed much. I’ve just changed my commitment to exploring what I have left to be explored about my self. And it’s been flowing out of me. It’s pretty clear to me that I am on the path of something new.

And this story captures that sentiment quite well. I am fed up with the way I’ve been living in a box. I’m over it. I’ve outgrown it. I’m bringing everything with me. And I’m exploring.

As powerful as reflection is, here’s what comes through me when I go into a meditative state and free flow write about the story:

It is one thing to wait. And quite another to act. For everything that you wait for, is in itself an act.

So direct your energy to the play. And to your part. And you will soon see your Self in all of its art.

Thanks for taking the time to be with me!



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